Nitram Story

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When I was young, my family had a house down the Jersey shore. I spent my summer days fishing from the dock behind our house or with my dad and grandfather on their boat. The name of the boat was Nitram and, many years and boats later, we use that same name  on our boat today.

As I grew up, I was able to take out a small skiff on my own to fish and explore the waterways around my home. I spent more time on the water than I did sleeping or eating. I never got enough. Always willing to learn, I fished with anyone or anywhere I could. 

My father taught me  to run a boat and to respect for the Ocean. He  let me steer whenever the opportunity came up. At the same time, he taught me how to fish. He taught me when and where to fish, and I still fish some of these same areas today. Some days we didn’t catch anything, and he took the time to explain that you don't always catch fish. In other words, he meant that sometimes it's just as good or even better to just enjoy being out on the water than doing anything else.

Now I have my own family and I have taken time to teach them how to fish. All my kids have a great respect for the ocean; it’s strength, depth and beauty . They also understand that it's not everyday that we catch fish but it's the time spent on the water; time that is soul feeding.

Now that the kids are older I have taken my passion for fishing and the sea to a whole new level.  In an effort to share a piece of the sport and sea I love, I ink the fish I caught and make an impression of them. Every one is one of a kind.. Then, my favorites are forever captured in my apparel line as wearable art. Nitram apparel Company (NACO) was born of a desire to remember my roots and honor those who came before me who taught me respect and appreciation of the sea and all that is in it.

Andrew Martin, The Founder of Nitram Apparel