Enjoy your catch for a lifetime

We can help you capture your best fishing experiences with a lasting  hands on memento.


Fishermen are known for their love of telling “fish tales”. We want to enable you to visually show off those once-in-a-lifetime catches to family and friends with real tails!

Here’s how we can help:

For New Jersey Residents:

Call us on the way to your dock and we  will meet you there. We will print your catch dockside while it is at its freshest (subject to availability and/or a minimum of  1 hour lead time - I may be fishing as well).

If we can not get there within the hour you can put your catch on ice until we can get to you and print your fish.

You can cut the tail or any other part of the fish off and freeze it so we can pick it up and print it.

What you will get: 

A dockside experience of your very own fish printing

We love fish and this process. There are no fish that we will not try to print; however, some fish are definitely more of a challenge than others. We will discuss your options and expectations after examining the characteristics and quality of your fish.


We reserve the right to choose the material and ink we believe will deliver the best outcome. Remember, part of the fun is that this is an art and not a science. We do guarantee that the result will be one-of-a -kind!.


​You keep three prints of the fish and we keep one. 


You can keep the prints as is or we can arrange to have prints mounted and framed for you.